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This bright green powder can contribute to your recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables. It has a mild peppery flavour. Add to juice, smoothies, yoghurt, salad, soups, stews or cooked food.
Goji berries can contribute to your recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables.Dried fruit is by its nature high in energy and a source of fibre. These whole sun-dried goji berries
This light brown powder has been milled from the sun-dried root of the black maca plant. It can be added to juices, smoothies, porridge, yoghurt, milk, cereal, desserts and baked goods. IngredientsServing
Raw cacao beans have undergone minimal processing to produce this light brown powder, which has a rich, bitter flavour.
ButtaNutts Roasted Macadamia Sachets are superfood snacks to pack in the vegan protein at work, or at school. This favourite recipe from ButtaNutt contains no preservatives, flavours, or palm-oil, just pure, smoothly
This convenient mix of supergreens has a pleasant taste and can easily be taken with water or juice.IngredientsChia seeds, moringa leaf powder (23%), hemp seed powder (18%), wheat grass
Delivered in 5-7 working days. Local orders within 4 hours. T's and C's apply.This cloudy apple cider vinegar from Health Connection has been made with locally grown apples and is free of
High in protein and lactose free, this quality soya protein powder offers you a high quality alternative to animal protein, making it a suitable substitute for vegetarians and vegans. It has no
OhMega Peanut Butter Crunchy is the perfect snack to satisfy your cravings. This 400g jar of crunchy peanut butter is made with premium, all-natural peanuts, so you know you're getting a
This whey protein powder consists of high quality protein. It can be used as a protein and energy supplement by body builders, convalescents and those needing to gain weight.
The delicious smell of baking transforms a house into a home, and it's thanks to the aromas of the spices. Cloves are a versatile spice to add flavour to cakes or desserts
Natures Choice Nutritional Yeast Flakes are the perfect solution for vegans who need a flavour-filled cheese substitute in their diet, and a great source of those hard-to-find nutrients. Nutritional yeast is full
These chunky steel cut oats from Hearty Earth can be used to create a range of tasty, nutrient-rich oatmeal breakfast dishes. The Hearty Earth brand brings you a 100% wholegrain, gluten-free and
Health Connection Wholefoods Pea Protein 500g is a nutritious and delicious source of protein that helps to fuel your muscles and keep you feeling full. This product contains high quality protein,
The perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity of balsamic vinegar of Modena is accentuated in this versatile product with its creamy consistency. Lingering full, ripe berry aromas on the palate with a fine
B-Well lemon flavoured canola mayo, giving you the taste you want with the high omega 3 you need. It is sweet, tangy and filled with lemon flavour. B-well lemon flavoured canola mayo
Carbsmart Mild Chutney is suitable for banting. This chutney is even suitable for diabetic patients. It contains no artificial sweetener and has only .6g of carbs per 100g. The chutney is made
This intensely sweet herbal liquid sweetener is extracted from the leaf of the stevia plant. It has an intensely sweet, smooth taste. To use it as a sugar substitute, replace 1 teaspoon sugar
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