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Taurus Llet Celestial Milk Frother Taurus presents the LLet Celestial milk frother. This pristine white wonder of a machine brings you delicious instant froth for your cappuccinos and deserts
Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set Compact and convenient Provides the essential tools for your daily Matcha-making ritual Sustainably made using
Refillable plastic coffee or tea capsules Choose to save, reuse, reduce and recycle Compatible with the Nespresso system
100% eco-friendly descaler Powerful removal of limescale deposits in coffee machines Helps to extend your machine's life span Increases
Specifications Set of 2 double walled thermo latte macchiato glasses Keeps drinks hot or cold Comfortable to hold Condensation free Dishwasher safe Borosilicate glass Mouth blown
When it comes to your espresso machine, the secret to longevity is a consistent cleaning & maintenance regime. Through regular use, machinery will build up coffee residue & oils, as well as
Helps to improve the taste and aroma of your coffee Can help to extend the life of the coffee machine Quick and
The AeroPress Go, hailed as The Better Travel Coffee Press, is thoughtfully engineered to provide all the delicious brewing capabilities of the original AeroPress plus a convenient drinking mug-slash-decanter that doubles as
He Gives Me New Strength Psalm 23:3 Ceramic Tea Pot Ceramic Foiled accents Hand wash recommended Not microwave, dishwasher or freezer safe 946 ml Capacity
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