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A practical tub size of 100 x 1.4 gram powerful Caffenu Cleaning Tablets to take care of your coffee equipment, ideal for daily use on commercial coffee machines. The Tablet's powerful degreasing
Coffee is an oily beverage that leaves residue behind in your machine which needs to be cleaned. The Caffenu Cleaning Tablet is the perfect way to care for your coffee machine. The
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Don't let audio cables keep you from enjoying untethered music listening. Throw off the oppressive chains of wired audio with a handy, travel-sized Bluetooth audio receiver with 3.5mm RCA jack.
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The perfect product for your all-important daily backflush routine. Clean your espresso coffee machine with Caffenu Cleaning Powder, easy and efficient. The Caffenu Cleaning Powder will keep your machine working perfectly and your coffee tasting delicious. This concentrated, fast-acting cleaner removes dirty coffee oils, build-up and bitter tannins from your group heads, lines, and valves. Also ideal to soak removable parts like portafilters, filter baskets, and shower screens. Maintaining your coffee equipment with Caffenu ensures that every cup of coffee you serve is met by your customers with the unmistakable sounds of "mmmmh", "aaah" and "thats a cup of really fresh coffee. With the Caffenu Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder, your espresso coffee machines w
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