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Diapers anre YUUEUCH! said the little princess. There must be something better! Tony Ross's hilarious account of the royal potty will amuse young children and help their parents.
This book delivers the uncertainties and excitements of 1955-65 by looking at women's television programmes, current affairs, and popular drama. Though women were central to this audience their images were often demeaning,
The first substantial study of this neglected genre, British Crime Cinema stresses the centrality of the crime film to understanding masculinity in British cinema, and the shifting gender relations of postwar Britain.
Action TV explores the historical development of the tv genre and its position within broader social, cultural and political contexts.
In this deeply researched and vividly written volume, Melvyn Stokes illuminates the origins, production, reception and continuing history of this aesthetically ground-breaking and yet highly controversial movie. A must-read for anyone interested
From a feminist and queer perspective, Jigna Desai explores the hybrid cinema of the "Brown Atlantic" through a close look at films in English from and about South Asian diasporas in the
The Road Movie Book is the first comprehensive study of an enduring but ever-changing Hollywood genre. The contributors explore how the road movie has confronted and represented issues of nationhood, sexuality, gender,
This is a thorough introduction to the film of Tomas Gutierrez Alea, Cuba's leading filmmaker. It covers all of Alea's 12 feature films, examining in depth his three best films.
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If you're looking for a fast, focussed and effective way to revise for your AS or A2 exams, Revision Express is the answer. Now fully updated for the new A-levels, Revision Express
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Our Magic Story, by Gcina Mhlophe, in isiNdebele. Hardcover Stories with magic inspire us to believe in hope and dreams. How will anyone recognize 'real life' miracles if they have not learned about magic
Situates Australian cinema in its historical and cultural perspective, offering detailed critiques of key films from 1970 onwards, and using them to illustrate the recent theories on the cinema industries.
This text explores one of the most central but often overlooked aspects of cinema: film acting. Combining classic and recent essays, it examines key issues such as: what constitutes film acting?; how
In Love - HeartfeltsA gift book in an up-to-the-minute style for 20 and 30 somethings. Contains a range of thoughts and meditations on love and friendship, from the fun and frivolous to
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