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Made from medium weight, blue, multi-layer non-woven material. Strong sealed seams help eliminate strike through under light to moderate fluid pressure conditions. Generously sized gown features elastic cuffs with waist and neck
WeiMeet Drum Pad 8 Inches Drum Practice Pad Silent Drum Pad with 1 Pair Drum Sticks Features High quality material to ensure better practice experiences. Silent drum pad: it allows you to
Restores the luster of the original finish, while leaving a micro-thin protective layer that won't build up. 4 oz. pump spray.
The MS Clear tenor head is designed with an advanced hoop concept that prevents pull-out, and is made using two clear 7mil plies that produce an open tone quality and bright sustain.
The Genera HD yeilds an aggressive rimshot and balanced response. This durable two-ply head (7.5mil external, 5mil internal) with 2mil overtone control ring barks live, yet is ideal for the studio. The
LP Duro Cowbell Beater is made from synthetic material and is perfect for punctuating cowbell sounds. Extremely durable and virtually unbreakable.
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