Prepare with us

It may be springtime, but the recent announcement that load-shedding will be rearing its ugly head again is proving this summer in South Africa may not be all sunshine and daisies. While sunny weather may beckon us outside we all still need to brace ourselves for long periods without electricity, which means stocking up on everything from solar-powered gadgets to generators. 

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If you’re not a fan of the dark, then invest in a new generator or inverter to keep the lights on. For those on a budget or with space limitations, keep it simple with a few extra torches, battery-powered camping lanterns, and rechargeable lights dotted around the house. 

Of course, you’ll also need a way to charge your various tech devices such as your smartphone or tablet. Whether you need to keep your smartphone charged for work purposes or want to watch movies on your tablet, visit the PriceCheck load-shedding store for a wide range of powerbanks and solar-powered charging devices. 

And just because the power is out doesn’t mean normal life comes to a halt! You’ll still need to cook dinner for yourself and the family at home, and a gas camping stove will prove to be a lifesaver when you need to make your morning cup of coffee without an electric kettle, or allow you to whip up a quick pasta dish to keep hunger pangs at bay.

With a solution for almost any load-shedding woe, the PriceCheck load-shedding store offers everything you need to stay comfortable when the power is out.