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Singular Sound Beatbuddy

The BeatBuddy is a drummer in a guitar pedal, always ready when you are.  Control the beat live while you play your instrument.  Jam with built-in award-winning beats or create your own.

Brand: Singular Sound

Category:  Guitar Accessories

R4 995.00

Singular Sound Footswitch

Specifications: Accessories for Beatbuddy drum companion (Art. 349948 - not included) Switchable functions: Sound "hits", pause and tap tempo, scroll through the songs, and other programs Dimensi...


Singular Sound midi Sync Cable

Specifications: BeatBuddy Midi Sync cable Synchronizes the BeatBuddy with Midi-based effects, loops and other MIDI devices Adapter cable from PS/2 Midi Sync output of the BeatBuddy to Midi In/Out...

Brand: Singular Sound

Category:  Cables



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