Meguiar's 296ml Headlight Protectant
0 Reviews

Meguiar's Headlight Protectant leaves a protective UV-resistant barrier on your plastic headlight lenses, prolonging the appearance of new or restored headlights. Ideal for use after using our headlig...

Model: G17110

Meguiar's 148ml Nxt Generation All Metal Polish
0 Reviews

Safely cleans and polishes high gloss and mirror chrome and other metal finishes. Leaves a protective barrier on metal surfaces. Removes fine swirls, scuffs and tarnishing from metal surfaces. Especia...

Model: G13005

Meguiar's 473ml Quik Detailer
0 Reviews

Meguiar's Quik Detailer safely removes dust, bird droppings, water residue and other contaminants before they damage paint. Greatly reduces the risk of swirls and scratches. Keeps your car looking jus...

Model: A3316

Meguiar's 207ml Scratch X 2.0
0 Reviews

Quickly and safely removes isolated fine scratches, swirl marks, scuff, paint transfer and finger nail marks under door handles. Safe on all automotive paints including clear coats. Use by hand or DA/...

Model: G10307

Meguiar's 450ml Ultimate Quik Wax
0 Reviews

Featuring Hydrophobic Polymer TechnologyA breakthrough in spray wax technologyContains Hydrophobic TechnologyAwesome shine and water beading No white residue on trimCan even be applied in direct sunli...

Model: G17516

Meguiar's 400ml GC Rich Leather Cleaner Conditioner
0 Reviews

Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather cleans,conditions and protects fine leather.Premium conditioners and aloe nourish leather for a supple feel and look.UV protection to help prevent aging and fading.

Model: G17914

Meguiar's 198g Black Wax
0 Reviews

Polishes while you wax for incredible depth of shine. Adds gloss and wax protection while simultaneously removing fine swirls and discolouration. Great for cars in daily use. 198 g Specially Formulate...

Model: G6207

Jura Z-6 Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

Jura Z6 Automatic Cappuccino Coffee Machine - Aluminium JURA has perfected the complete brewing process for ristretto and espresso. That's why the Z6 is able to prepare coffee to the same standard

Model: 15134

Jura Ena Micro 90 Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

JURA has perfected the complete brewing process for short speciality coffees from 15 ml to 80 ml. That's why the ENA Micro 90 prepares them to the same standard you would expect

Model: 15061

Jura Impresa XJ 9 Professional Gii Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

The IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional cuts an outstanding figure where the quality of the drinks served is just as important as aesthetics in architecture, ambience and design. It creates perfect latte, macch...

Model: 13707

Jura E-8 Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

The secret of exceptional coffee lies in the preparation. JURA has 100% perfected the espresso brewing process, allowing the E8 to make speciality coffees to professional barista standard. The six-lev...

Model: 15094

Jura A-1 Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

Compact elegance for coffee purists: Sharp, clear, reduced forms, elegance, compact design and the clear focus on a unique coffee result are the aspects that set the new A1 from JURA apart.

Model: 15133

Jura Impressa XS-9 Classic Sysko Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

One Touch Cappuccino. Anyone thinking of coffee today no longer only conjures up visions of espresso and cafe creme , but also of contemporary coffee specialities such as latte macchiato or cappuccino...

Model: 13725

Jura WE8 Coffee Machine
0 Reviews

Jura's WE8 allows you to make 12 different coffee specialities finished with milk and milk foam at the touch of a button, without having to move the cup. The six level grinder

Model: 15144

Jura 0.6l Vacuum Milk Container
0 Reviews

Jura Vacuum milk container 0.6 litre - 65381The elegantly shaped, stainless steel vacuum milk container is a practical addition for all lovers of milk specialities. Thanks to its familiar tried-a...

Model: 65381

Jura 0.4l Vacuum Milk Container
0 Reviews

Jura Vacuum milk container 0.4 ltr - 68166The stylish, practical accessory for all lovers of milk specialities. It holds 0.4 litres / 13.5 oz. and keeps the milk cool

Model: 68166

Jura Glas Milk Container
0 Reviews

Jura Glas milk container - 72570Beautifully practicalThe glass milk container makes an indispensable addition for all coffee lovers who like to spoil their family and guests from time to

Model: 72570

Jura Interchangeable Milk Spouts 10
0 Reviews

Jura Interchangeable milk spouts (10) - 72228

Model: 72228

Jura Container For Milk System Cleaning
0 Reviews

Jura Container for milk system cleaning - 72230

Model: 72230

Jura 5l Picolo Milk Cooler
0 Reviews

Jura Picolo Milk cooler 5 ltr - 64073Put your Tetrapak milk carton in the elegantly shaped, practical mini refrigerator to keep it fresh and within easy reach at all

Model: 64073

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