RIK Rhino Surveillance Rhino Cam RR300 No Glow Black IR Wireless Digital Scouting Game Trail Camera
0 Reviews
Category:  Trail Cameras

Rhino Cam RR300 is a digital trail camera with MMS function, a surveillance camera working automatically. It can be triggered at once by any movement of human (or animals) in a certain

Model: RR3001

  R2 580.00

RIK Rhino Surveillance Rhino Cam No Glow Black IR Wireless Digital Scouting Game Trail Camera
0 Reviews
Category:  Trail Cameras

The well-designed Rhino Cam operates automatically with digital camera functionality. The highly sensitive Infra-Red motion sensor enables it to take pictures (up to 12 Mega Pixels) in pitch black dar...

Model: ZR03

  R4 999.00

RIK Rhino Surveillance Rhino Cam Metal Security Case
0 Reviews
Category:  Trail Cameras

Secure your camera with this metal box to protect it from any unwanted access and tampering.

Model: ZA01


RIK Rhino Surveillance V16 GSM GPRS Tracker
0 Reviews

The V16 Gps tracker from RikRhino is a GSM/GPRS tracking unit. The tracker is fitted with a SIM card and uses GSM/GPRS signals to locate the user. This device is great for

Model: ZV01

  R1 806.14

RIK Rhino Surveillance GPRS GSM Antenna
0 Reviews
Category:  Antennas

Booster antenna is a good choice if you are having challenging network coverage in your area.Antenna GSM GPRS 433MHZ 2dBi SMA male for universal CMMB Patch Averial

Model: ZA03


RIK Rhino Surveillance Solar Battery Panel
0 Reviews
Category:  Batteries & Chargers

Keep your Rhino Cam charged in the wild. Features: When connected, the Rhino Cam will use the solar charger as the priority power source, resorting to camera’s own power source

Model: ZS01


RIK Rhino Surveillance Yagi External GPRS Antenna
0 Reviews
Category:  Antennas

This antenna is suitable for home and small building use. It improves data reception, adding bars of signal to your camera and increases data transfer speeds. It doesn't require a direct connection

Model: ZA02


RIK Rhino Surveillance LK106 IPX6 Waterproof Real-Time GPS Tracker
0 Reviews

The LK106 waterproof real time GPS tracker is a GSM SOS alarm that supports Google Maps and is great for pets, animals and children. Main Features: GPS and location-based service,

Model: ZT01

  R1 665.79

SanDisk 4GB SDHC Flash Memory Card
0 Reviews
Category:  Flash Memory

Class 4 (720p) for HD video rating in 4GB-64GB capacities The brand trusted by photographers worldwide Resilient, durable design Convenient writeable label

Model: 001041



Our products can be used in many different scenarios to protect your home, your family, your office, your stock or your assets.They are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions and because of our unique copyrighted software, they will work wherever you want them to work.

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