Cleansafe Labs 3294 offers

Cleansafe Labs 3294 offers

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Critipack Suture Pack

Product Description The CritiPack Suture Pack provides all the kit required to suture uncomplicated lacerations in the field Contents: Protection sheet Surgical gloves Plastic bowl Cotton wool balls F...

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical


Bandage Triangular Non-woven Hi-care

Bandage Triangular Non-woven Hi-Care Size: 90cm x 90cm x 127 cm

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical

Diabetic Diagnostic Aid Monofilament KT-GF19

Diabetic Diagnostic Aid Monofilament KT-GF19 Monofilament Tool - Sensory Evaluator Plastic retractable monogilament. Evaluates both diminishing and returning sensation (touch test) Examines levels of...

Brand: Diabetic

Category:  Medical


Criti Stair Chair Evacuation Stretcher

Product Description Manufactured from high strength aluminium alloys Utilised for evacuating patients down stairs in tall buildings Single person operation Special wheel design provides excellent trac...

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical Supplies

R10 999.00

Stethoscope Rappaport Deluxe Dual Head Dual Tube

Stethoscope Rappaport Deluxe Dual Head Dual Tube

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical


Masks Surgeon With Tie-backs 50 Pack

Product Description 3-ply non-woven surgical mask Adequate tie back length allows for comfortable adjustable fit Breathable for extended application Excellent quality

Brand: Masks

Category:  Medical



STEEL WOOL AVAILABLE IN: 25G , 50G , 100G , 200G , 500G , 1KG

Brand: Steel Wool

Category:  Cleaning Accessories


Vital Signs Monitor CMS5100

SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL: CMS5100 Display 2.8 High Brightness TFT LCD display NIBPMethod:Mode: Measurement Range: Resolution: Alarm: OscillometryManual/Auto/Continuous 25 ~ 260mmHg 1mmHg; NIBP Accuracy:...

Brand: Vital Signs

Category:  Medical

R5 848.73

Professional Stethoscope Cardiology Dual Head

Stethoscope Professional Cardiology Dual Head Adult / Child Stainless Steel

Brand: Professional

Category:  Medical


Pulse Oximeter CMS50DL1

Pulse Oximeter CMS50DL1

Brand: Pulse Oximeter

Category:  Medical


First Aid Kit Regulation 7 in Metal Box

First Aid Kit Regulation 7 in Metal Box 1x Antiseptic Solution 100ml 1x Roll Hypo-Allergenic Paper Tape 100x Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm 10x Plaster Strips Loose 10x Sterile Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm...

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  First Aid Kits


High Blood Glucose And Cholesterol Multimeter

High Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Multimeter

Brand: High

Category:  Medical


Scale Adult Digital With Height Rod And Bmi 300KG

Scale Adult Digital with Height Rod and BMI 300kg Specifications: MODEL: MS3400 Capacity 300KG X 100G increments Overall Dimensions 270(W) x 310(L) x 70mm(H) Platform Dimensions 270(W) x 310mm(L) Weig...

Brand: Scale

Category:  Medical

R4 559.20

Covers Stethoscope For Children

Stethoscope Covers for Children

Brand: Covers

Category:  Medical


Pediatric Stethoscope Deluxe Dual Head

Stethoscope Pediatric Deluxe Dual Head

Brand: Pediatric

Category:  Medical


Forceps Artery Spencer Wells Straight 12CM

Forceps Artery Spencer Wells Straight 12cm

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical


Table Top Autoclaves Fully Automatic SA-260MA Series

SPECIFICATIONS: MODEL : SA-260MA (B-CLASS) Overall Dimensions 655mm x 533mm x 442mm Chamber Dimension 260mm x 450mm Capacity 23 l Temperature / Pressure Unwrapped / Wrapped : 121 134C ; 2.2kg per cm...

Brand: Table Top

Category:  Medical

R77 472.00

Erlenmeyer 250ml Narrow Neck Flask

Complies to DIN ISO 1773 Standards. All flasks come with thick reinforced rims and are manufactured with thick glass. Dimensions: 85 mm Outside Diameter x 145 mm high with a

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Science & Laboratory


HI Care Professional Fibre Optic Ottoscope & Opthalmoscope

Features: Ottoscope: Fibre Optic Light Source 2,5 x magnification Reusable Specula: 5V x 4.0mm Insufflation Port: view tympanic membrane using an insufflators bult Opthalmoscope: 19 Lenses from...

Brand: Hi

Category:  Medical

R1 132.00

First Aid Kit Regulation 3 Metal

Contents: 1x Antiseptic Solution 100ml 1x Roll Hypo-Allergenic Paper Tape 100x Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm 10x Plaster Strips Loose 10x Sterlile Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm (5's) 4x First Aid Dressing No. 3 2...

Brand: First Aid Kit

Category:  First Aid Kits


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