Cleansafe Labs 7739 offers

Cleansafe Labs 7739 offers

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Flask Erlenmeyer Glass Narrow Neck 50ML

Erlenmeyer Flask Glass Graduated Narrow Neck Clear Sizes available : 25ml , 50ml , 100ml , 250ml , 500ml , 1000ml , 2000ml

Brand: Flask

Category:  Science & Laboratory


Blade 5 Laryngoscope Set Fibre Optic

Lightweight and compact Manufactured from high quality non-magnetic Japanese stainless steel Smooth satin finish makes cleaning and sterilisation optimal Removable light guides for easy cleaning 3 spr...

Brand: Blade

Category:  Medical

R5 346.90

Glass Pipette Graduated 50ML

Pipette Glass Graduated Graduated glass pipettes are less accurate than volumetric pipettes, but are still useful for measuring off liquids and transporting them from one container to another. Sizes a...

Brand: Glass

Category:  Medical


Forceps Swab Holding 18CM

Forceps Swab Holding 18cm

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical


Test Tube Rack 16MM

Keep test tubes dry, handy and upright with this convenient test tube rack.

Brand: Test Tube

Category:  Science & Laboratory


Set Diagnostic Accessories Handle

Diagnostic Set Accessories Handle and Bulbs

Brand: Set

Category:  Medical


Handle Laryngoscope Conventional Pediatric

Laryngoscope Handle Conventional Pediatric FITS ALL BLADES

Brand: Handle

Category:  Medical


Laryngoscope Macintosh Blades Sizes 00 5

Laryngoscope Macintosh Blades Sizes 00 5

Brand: Unbranded

Category:  Medical


Torch Pupil With Pupil Gauge

Pupil Torch With Pupil Gauge

Brand: Torch

Category:  Medical


Miller Laryngoscope Fibre Optic Blades Sizes 00 - 5

Laryngoscope Miller Fibre Optic Blades Sizes 00 - 5

Brand: Miller

Category:  Medical


Lamp Examination Magnification Head Type

Examination Lamp Magnification Head Type KD202A / 3 X 5 Magnification

Brand: Lamp

Category:  Medical

R18 605.00

Set Diagnostic Universal Deluxe - Black

Specifications: Stainless steel handle Ottoscope Ophthalmoscope Laryngeal mirrors Tongue blade holder Metal tongue blade depressor Nasal speculum Ear tip connector Ear tips Black leather case 2 x1.5V...

Brand: Set

Category:  Medical

R2 099.00

Doppler Foetal Accessories Adapter For Bmi BF500

Doppler Foetal Accessories Adapters and Probes

Brand: Doppler

Category:  Medical


Digital Personal Alcohol Detector - AL2500 Prime

Highlights Ultra-compact dimensions - fits in any shirt pocket No mouthpiece required Convenient one-button operation Easy to read digital display with backlight Acoustic warning signal (three in...

Brand: Digital

Category:  Medical

R1 032.00

Burner Bunsen Portable

The bunsen burner is a classic laboratory tool. It produces a constant, adjustable flame perfect for combustion experiments and for heating up chemicals. This bunsen burner is portable and easy to use...

Brand: Burner

Category:  Science & Laboratory


Counter Pill

Pill Counter

Brand: Counter

Category:  Medical


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