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Dremel 9933 Structured Tooth Tungsten Carbide Cutter

The product is 5/16" Tung Carb Cutter. Easy to use. The product is manufactured in China.

Brand: Dremel

Category:  Uncategorized


Printfile Holds 10 31 2INX51 4IN Prints 25 Pack - 3510P25

Printfile Holds 10 31/2INX51/4IN Prints 25 Pack - Printfile 3510P25.

Brand: Printfile

Category:  Electronics


Marinco Clip Electrical Shore Power Cable Clips 30-AMP 10-GAUGE Cable Set Of 6

Cable clips with stainless steel mounting screws. Keeps shorepower cable out of the water. Holds 10 gauge 30A cable. Use on deck or edge of dock.

Brand: Marinco

Category:  Sports and Outdoors


Hoya 46MM Infrared RM72 Lens Filter

Used for photography with infrared films. R72 passes only infrared rays above 720nm. RM90 passes only that above 900nm. Often used in crime detection, medical photography, detection of distribution of...

Brand: Hoya

Category:  Lens Accessories

R1 565.00

Vista Outdoor Sales LLC Champion Nra Paper TQ-4 P 100-YARD Single Bullseye To Train Or Qualify Target Pack Of 100

Champion tq-4 single Bullseye 100 yard 40777 target 14"x14" for training 100 pk. Hunting range gear targets. Made of the highest quality materials

R1 170.00

Insect Lore Ant Life Cycle Toy - 4 Piece Set Shows Life Cycle Of An Ant

This Ant life cycle stages toy provide children with a fun way to learn about the 4 stages of development in an ant's life. Enhance the power of learning and put your

Brand: Insect Lore

Category:  Toys


Wilton Excelle Elite 6-CUP MINI Fluted Pan

Wilton Excelle Elite 6 Cup mini fluted pan. Excelle Elite combines superior non-stick performance, serving convenience and elegant design, to provide the highest level of baking satisfaction. There i...

Brand: Wilton

Category:  Home and Garden

R1 044.00

Bormioli Rocco Murano 14.25 Oz. Cobalt Blue Beverage Glass Set Of 4 Standard Packaging

Spun machine made galssware reflects a handmade organic shape, with an uneven edge for a unique look

Brand: Bormioli Rocco

Category:  Home and Garden

R1 738.00

Apache Inc Apache 98398318 1 2" X 48" 2-WIRE Hydraulic Hose Male X Male Assembly

This Apache hydraulic hose is designed for use with petroleum- and water-based hydraulic fluids. Can handle gasoline, diesel fuels, mineral oils, glycol, lubricating oils and more. Hose Length (in.):...

Brand: Apache Inc

Category:  Uncategorized

R1 111.00

Apache Inc Apache 98398336 1 2" X 120" 2-WIRE Hydraulic Hose Male X Male Assembly

Hose and couplings meet 100R2AT specifications. 3/8" I.D.: 4000 P.S.I. (W.P.), 16,000 P.S.I. burst, 5.12'' minimum bend radius, coupled 3/8'' male pipe thread on each end. 1/2" I.D.: 3500 P.S.I. (W.P....

Brand: Apache Inc

Category:  Uncategorized

R1 155.00

Cuisinart DLC-019ATX Dough Blade

The Cuisinart DLC-019ATX-1 Dough Blade fits models: MP-14N DFP-14N DFP-14BCN MP-14 DLC-7E DLC-7FPC DLC-7M DLC-7SP PRO14 DLC-7E DLC-7 DLC-7P DLC-7FPC DLC-7SFP DLC-7M DLC-7SP DLC-2014 DFP-14 DFP-14BC DF...

Brand: Cuisinart

Category:  Home and Garden


Krups MS620342 Brew Head Element Gasket Seal

The Krups MS-620342 Brew Head Seal fits models XP2010 XP2070 XP4000 XP4030 XP4050

Brand: Krups

Category:  Food Processors & Blenders

R1 245.00

1928 Jewelry Blue Square Drop Earrings

One of our most popular silhouettes our square drop earrings are always a hit! Hematite tone metal embraces two dazzling crystals. The first is an aurora borealis light blue set into a

Brand: 1928 Jewelry

Category:  Costume Jewellery


Safari Ltd Carnegie Scale Model Iguanodon

Named in 1825, Iguanodon was only the second dinosaur to be formally recognized by science. Large accumulations of skeletons have been discovered in Belgium and other areas of Europe, suggesting that...

Brand: Safari Ltd

Category:  Other Toys

R1 279.00

Conair 1875 Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer Purple

Conair continues to revolutionize styling with a dryer that's as convenient as it is powerful to speed up styling, while Tourmaline ceramic technology minimizes heat stress on hair. With it's ionic te...

Brand: Conair

Category:  Uncategorized

R1 677.00

Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Card Translucent Ruby

The various tools are manufactured from high-quality steel with precisely tuned features that are essential for the particular application. The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the...

R1 112.00

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Fruit Bowls Set Of 4

The most popular casual dinnerware collection in America, Butterfly Meadow is truly a contemporary mix and match classic. Inspired by the artistry of Louise Le Luyer, there are many delightful patter...

Brand: Lenox

Category:  Pretend Play

R2 043.00

Ja-Ru Inc. Wild West Big Bag 37 Piece Playset With Cowboys Indians Wagon And Teepee

A 37 piece of the wild west! not for children under 3 years!

Brand: Ja-ru Inc.

Category:  Other Toys



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