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Rose Water With Glycerine 200ML
Rose Water Toner with Glycerine cleanses and cares for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Rose has astringent and purifying properties. It tightens pores and deliver tones, radiance and smoothness to facial
Nv Silver Shampoo 100ML Promo
Thanks to its bluish colour, Silver Shampoo removes yellow and orange tones, adding a silvery shade to hair. Its plant surfactants gently cleanse the hair. For frequent use.Its formula contains certified organic
Hair Loss Shampoo Normal Hair 100ML
Combats hair loss and nourishes the scalp. Strengthens and protects normal or fragile hair, preventing possible breakage. Moisturises the hair, leaving it soft and shiny.
Silver Shampoo Shines & Softness 300ML
Thanks to its bluish colour, Silver Shampoo removes yellow and orange tones, adding a silvery shade to hair. Its plant surfactants gently cleanse the hair. For frequent use. Its formula contains certified
Happy Hair Moisturising Shampoo 300ML
A frequent use moisturising hypoallergenic shampoo made with certified organic Marigold extract and a base of plant-based raw materials. This extract is emollient, softening, moisturising and antiseptic, very effective for treating a
Shampoo Silver Blonde 300ML
Silver Blonde Shampoo tints the hair, neutralising yellow hair tones. It is aimed at people with dyed blonde, light brunette or highlighted hair. Its formula contains organic Blueberry and Pomegranate extracts, which
Bio Cosmos Greasy Hair Shampoo 300ML
Certified organic Bio shampoo for greasy hair, with plant-based active ingredients. It contains certified organic Thyme and Nettle extracts, which regulate sebaceous secretion and calm and balance the scalp. Thanks to their
Bio Argan Oil Aloe Vera Body Wash 500ML
Certified organic Bio Body Wash Skin Regenerator, with plant-based active ingredients. It contains certified organic Argan and Aloe Vera extracts, which restructure, nourish and regenerate skin, protecting it from ageing. Its formula
Bio Cosmos Hair Loss Shampoo 300ML
A certified organic shampoo with plant-based active ingredients and a 100% plant cleansing base. It contains certified organic Saw Palmetto extract to invigorate and Ginseng to revitalise hair. It contributes to prevent
Hair Sos Fortifying Serum 12ML
An intensive treatment suitable to for combating periods of hair fall. Especially formulated to provide nutrients and vitamins to hair scalp. Thanks to Tricoserum (plant serum), which combines Saw Palmetto
Colour Safe Shampoo 300ML Mahogony
ColourSafe Shampoo for Mahogany Hair is a high skin tolerance shampoo that revives natural and dyed hair colour, while strengthening the hair. Its formula protects and revives hair colour, delivering shine and
Toothpaste 75ML
This toothpaste prevents the formation of dental plaque, strengthens gums and gently cleans enamel. Thanks to the combination of Thyme, Mint, Camomile and Sage extracts, together with calcined kaolin and fluoride, it
Coloursafe Hair Mask Chestnut 300ML
The high skin tolerance Colour Safe Mask for Chestnut Hair delivers intense reflections of colour in just 5 minutes. It also restructures, protects and delivers an intense shot of chestnut colour that
Hair Mask Juniper & Wheat 300ML
Dermatological Sensitive Mask nourishes and strengthens hair in just 3 minutes. It delivers the necessary nutrients and repairs hair from root to tip. It contains certified organic Aloe Vera juice, rich in
Hair Conditioner Sos Anti-breakage 300ML
It softens, strengthens, untangles and conditions the hair without weighing it down or leaving it feeling greasy, thanks to its innovative formula. Hair elasticity and its resistance to breakage are increased by
Hair Sos Treatment 200ML
The perfect treatment for people with the first signs of hair fall or for permanent hair loss prevention. It nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair. It contains a Phytoactive Complex derived from
Natual Vital Mouthwash 500ML
The Mouthwash protects the mouth and helps to remove harmful germs. It prevents plaque formation, providing a pleasant taste. The natural extracts of Camomile, Sage, Thyme and Mint guarantee a total clean
Sensitive Conditioner Sage Jojoba 300ML
A high skin tolerance conditioner that provides hair with energy to boost growth while hydrating, protecting and adding shine. It contains Sage, Ginseng and Jojoba extracts, which provide shine and hydration. It
Hair Control Anti-frizz & Volume Spray 200ML
Anti-frizz and Volume Spray is a finishing product containing over 97.5% ingredients of natural origin and has UVA and UVB filters, which protect hair from external aggressors. It untangles, preventing frizz without
Hair Conditioner Spray Sos Antibreakage 200ML
A repair spray that helps to repair hair fibres and protect ends, preventing breakage and strenghtening hair. It facilitates styling, providing shine as well as protecting hair from damage caused by the
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