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4D Master 26087 4D Anatomy Didactic Exploded Skull Model
Part puzzle and part anatomy model, the didactic exploded human skull is a great tool for learning what the major bones of the human skull are. Highly detailed, this 3.5" model has
4D Master MINI Balloon Dog Skeleton Anatomy Model By Jason Freeny
Who knew that balloon dogs had skeletons and organs like we do? Designed by Jason Freeny, this anatomy model is made of durable plastic and features a detailed balloon dog skeleton and
4D Master Christmas Robot Red Walking Puzzle - Windup Toy
Easy to assemble Christmas Red Robot with 15 Pieces - Wind up the retro robot and he will walk, swing his arms, and rotate his head. Safe for children Ages 6+, made
4D Master Vision Cat Skeleton & Anatomy Model Kit
All parts are painted and glue is unnecessary. The total length is about 30 cm. The number of parts is 28 points. A 30cm length model contains 25 detachable organs and body
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