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Martin Logan Balanced Force 210 Subwoofer

Martin Logan Balanced Force 210 Subwoofer Features • Rigid, Low-Mass Aluminum Element Woofers• Dual 10-inch BalancedForce Woofer Alignment• PBK Room Correction (sold separately) and Built-In 25Hz Level Control• Custom Low-Pass Filters For Spe... Read More

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Ultra Sound & Vision

Ultra Sound & Vision

Martin Logan Balanced Force 210 Subwoofer
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Martin Logan Balanced Force 210 Subwoofer


• Rigid, Low-Mass Aluminum Element Woofers
• Dual 10-inch BalancedForce Woofer Alignment
• PBK Room Correction (sold separately) and Built-In 25Hz Level Control
• Custom Low-Pass Filters For Specific Individual Loudspeaker Models
• Proprietary High-Power Amplifier Delivering a System Peak of 1,700 Watts Peak
• Simultaneous LFE and 2-Channel Connection (via RCA, XLR, and Speaker Level Inputs)
• Sealed Cabinet Enclosure
• Top Mounted Control Interface
• Tone Sweep to Help Identify Room Rattles and Resonances
• 12-Volt Trigger Control
• ETC (Energy Transfer Coupler) Spikes

BalancedForce Alignment

Opposing Aluminum Element Woofers for Deep, Clean Bass
Dual low-distortion woofers pair a high-power magnet structure with 10- and 12-inch aluminum cone diaphragms to deliver huge excursion and sound output while preserving minute bass details, all without a hint of distortion. The cone material's exceptional damping properties ensure the smooth, non-resonant response necessary for seamless blending with high-resolution full-range loudspeakers

Amplifier Design
Advanced Ultra-Efficient D-Class Amplifier

BalancedForce subs match powerful proprietary switching amps with incredible woofer drivers resulting in tightly defined bass while keeping distortion at the lowest possible levels. The BalancedForce 210 features an 850-watt class-D switching amplifier capable of a 1700-watt peak operating at over 90% efficiency. BalancedForce 212 features dual 850-watt amplifiers (one for each woofer) with a total system power of 1700-watts (3400-watts system peak).

Extreme Subwoofer Performance

BalancedForce subwoofers are the realization of years of engineeringby the MartinLogan team combined with the latest innovations in advanced Digitial Signal Processing (DSP), amplification, electrical system designs and room correction (PBK). They are specifcally designed to blend with Electrostats without diminishing the wondeful electrostatic snap and midrange clarity. A true no-compromise subwoofer regardless of application.

A New Level of Flexibility to System Integration

BalancedForce 210s advanced electrical control system brings new levels of flexibility to system
integration, allowing listeners to install speaker-specific custom low-pass filters to assure a perfect
match with MartinLogan speakers. Installation is simple - download a custom filter (FREE from and save it on a USB thumb drive. Insert the drive in the subwoofers USB input,
and the DSP takes care of the rest! Not using MartinLogan speakers? No problem. BalancedForce
210s robost control system allows the user to dial in the low-pass frequency, phase, and level to
match the users unique requirements.

Ultimate Performance Subwoofers

Chances are you've read or heard at some time that adding a subwoofer to a system built around electrostatic speakers is nearly impossible. Although that's not necessarily true (and we have the subwoofers to prove it), the idea is grounded in experience. For many years subwoofers and electrostats did not blend very well. Turn on the sub and maybe you got the deeper, stronger bass you were looking for but that wonderful electrostatic snap and midrange clarity were, if not gone, now smeared and disconnected. Our goal, when we began our first subwoofer project, was to deliver the good stuff ; deep, tight, powerful bass ; and none of the bad. We wanted to build subwoofers that, when combined with ultra-fast electrostatics or conventional cone speakers, would blend seamlessly to the very bottom of the frequency extreme. BalancedForce subwoofers are the full realization of years of engineering by the MartinLogan team combined with the latest innovations in advanced digital signal processing, amplification, electrical system designs, and room correction. Specifications Frequency Response 20120 Hz ± 3 dB
Manufacturer Martin Logan
Model Number ML-BFORCE210

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