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ThrustMaster T CARE , Elegant white storage stand , matching silicone protectors For Nintendo Controllers Retail Box 3 months warranty   Product Overview Elegant white storage stand + matching silicone protectors for
Nintendo Wii controllers!   Features * Elegantly Designed Storage Stand
- Elegant white lacquered storage stand for the Wii Remote--and the
Nunchuk - Now you'll never misplace your controllers!
- Stands discretely next to your Nintendo Wii Console (same depth)
- Vertical Standing and hides away all the unsightly wires * Protection, Comfort and Grip
- 2 reinforced silicone protective controller covers (unrivalled 2mm
thick) with a unique design for easy handling and maximum gaming
- Shock resistant
- Easy to slide on
- Non slip texture
- Buttons are not obscured
- Easy access to the Wii remote batteries + direct connection for the
- Handy access to the Wii Remote batteries + direct connection for the
Nunchuk.    Miscellaneous 
Package Contents
Elegant White Storage Stand
Matching Silicone Protectors
Compatibility   Nintendo Wii Controllers 
Console Nintendo
Manufacturer Thrustmaster
Model Number 4660276

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