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OmniBlend Er V Soundenclosure For 1.5l

Please Note: This product will be dispatched within 24 hours of you placing an order, but is sent from a different warehouse so will arrive separately. Features Choose from 1.5L or 2L jug 3 Horse Power motor (2,238 Watts) Time Programme ...Read More

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Please Note: This product will be dispatched within 24 hours of you placing an order, but is sent from a different warehouse so will arrive separately. Features Choose from 1.5L or 2L jug 3 Horse Power motor (2,238 Watts) Time Programme blender with 3 fixed speed cycles Voltage: 220-240V / 50-60Hz The Controls OmniBlend V is the original timed programme blender and the electronic keypad is waterproof.  It is equipped with 3 speeds: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH, which serve the purpose of manual controls.  All speeds are operated by push touch-key buttons. It also features a PULSE button and pre-programmed 35, 60 and 90 second cycles.. 35 seconds: commences blending at LOW, and then changes to MED, then to HIGH.  Switches off after 35 seconds 60 seconds: As above, but has one pre-programmed slow-down-brief stop interval built in, then recommences on LOW--MED--HIGH.  Switches off after 60 seconds. 90 seconds: there are three of these intervals/pauses built in. These short “slow-down & brief stop” helps to stir the ingredients and turn them over so the top of the ingredients collapses back down towards the blades. It also gives the motor a brief rest, which prolongs the life of the motor. You may interrupt any program or cycle simply by pressing any button. At the end of each timed blending cycle, the OmniBlender will beep to signal that the cycle is complete. The advantage of this is, you press play and walk away. The Motor The 3HP OmniBlend, when running on full speed, has been measured at 83.8 dB which is much quieter than with competitor’s. It is far greener in terms of energy consumption, as the OmniBlend is produced with energy-efficient equipment using the latest motor and programming technology to achieve best efficiency. This means increased longevity for the motor, less wear-and-tear, better cooling and quieter operation. The 2,238 Watts Motor is one of the most reliable motors in the industry. The motor is protected against power surges and overheating with its overload reset button. The Jug OmniBlend’s durable jugs are made from leakage-free, food grade polycarbonate or Eastman Tritan® BPA-free co-polyester.  Both are approved by the European Commission for Food Safety, the FDA, and Underwriters Laboratory (UL).  They have been tested as safe at 130 degrees Celsius making them suitable for the hottest soups. Built to withstand high RPM, the container is chemical resistant and virtually unbreakable.  The transparent jug has raised calibrations for measuring in ounces, cups or litres. The tamper is the only tool recommended to facilitate mixing of stuck ingredients. Using anything else could damage you, the blade, the container, the drive socket, the motor, etc or any/all of the above and will void your warranty. The tamper tool is carefully designed not to reach the blades when used through the hole in the lid (after removing the bung).  1.5L or 2L? Both 1.5 and 2 litre jugs fit interchangeably on all OmniBlend bases. The 1.5 litre jug has a wider base and is a little easier to clean and is also shorter so when mounted on the machine fits in more confined spaces – under some overhead cabinets for example. You can blend grain, corn, flax, beans, etc .into flour, or nuts, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, soup, sauces, and butters. Dimensions: H-41cm (49cm with Tamper)W- 19cm D-20cm 4.9kg The 2 litre jug is recommended for blending thicker ingredients because its narrower neck feeds ingredients to the blades more efficiently. It also works better for dry blending. Of course it has a greater capacity so you can make more at any one time. The lid and the tamper on the 2 litre jug are heavier duty and more substantial than on the 1.5 litre. The 2L is best for: Smoothies, Soups, Nut Butters, Nut Milks, Ice-Cream, Grinding Grain Into Flour, Grinding Coffee Beans  and more. Dimensions: H-51cm (59cm with Tamper) W- 19cm D- 20cm Weight -5.1 kg. The Blades OmniBlender blades are made from custom-alloy stainless steel in a long blade set style. The asse
Manufacturer Omniblend
Model Number SKU8784V3

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