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Potjie Lid Knob (Nylon) Introducing our Potjie Lid Knob made from durable nylon material. This essential accessory is designed to enhance your cooking experience and ensure the safety of your potjie lid. Features:
Alva Deluxe BBQ Wood Set - 21 Piece Features: - Rust resistant stainless steel construction - Contoured wooden handles for easy grip - Extra long handles for added comfort and safety Includes:
Kaufmann Enamel Coated Oval Pan with Lid - 8.0 Litre This bake oven pan is enamel coated. It can be used on the stove, on the Braai grid or in the oven. Features:
This 7.8L 3 Leg Potjie is made out of cast iron so it is naturally non-stick so it is easy to clean soap is not even needed nor recommended, you can just use water
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Perfect for creating braai bread over the fire.
The Cobb Premier Grill is the latest and greatest innovation of the Cobb Cooking System. Sporting an all stainless steel, virtually indestructible base. The Cobb Premier allows you to cook a surprisingly
Grill it... right on your WeberQ1000 series gas grill. Make pancakes, eggs and perfect bacon.
If you are looking for something a little different from the standard black potjie pot, this colourful enamel alternative is sure to brighten up your braai area and dinner table. This mini
Round Casserole Dish Coated with a ivory enamel coating on the inside and enamel on the outside Inside of the lid is
The cast iron 6.8 litre Dutch oven provides even heat distribution and retention for tender roasts or soups and stews. The dual-function lid converts to a flat griddle that toasts sandwiches or
LKs Potjie Lid Knob - Nylon The knob fastens to the lid of your potjie, saving you having to hunt down a cloth or oven glove when you want to lift the
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