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Trojan 20 Kg Dumbbell Set
Trojan 20 Kg Dumbbell Set
17% OFF
Reebok Jet 300 Treadmill With Bluetooth
Aren't ALL our picks staff picks?Technically, yes. We have an entire team of good-looking and highly-skilled individuals on the payroll to do exactly that. But these deals are different. These are the favourites.
R25 278.00
19% OFF
Rebounder & MINI Trampoline Round Spring Free Bungee Cords
Why Choose The Spring-Free Mini Trampoline?Complementing fitness and sports training and increasing core strength, cardio, speed and agility, coordination, weight loss, and overall balance all while putting less stress both
R2 595.00
Everlast Fluid Exercise Spin Bike
Everlast Fluid Exercise Spin Bike
13% OFF
Exercise Bike Spinning
Exercise Bike Spinning
R3 200.00
10% OFF
Reebok Jet 300+ Series Treadmill With Netflix Spotify And Youtube Apps. & Bluetooth
REEBOK JET 300+ SERIES TREADMILL WITH NETFLIX AND SPOTIFY APPLICATIONS VIDEO With a dynamic console and Air Motion Tech, the Jet 300+ combines comfort with function. Providing all the tools for advanced home
R29 850.00
25% OFF
Livefit Exercise Bike
Livefit Exercise Bike
R3 999.00
Trojan Kettlebell 6KG
Trojan Kettlebell 6kg
Adjustable Dumbbells With Case
The Threshold Sports Adjustable Dumbbells set is the ultimate addition to your home gym. Find the perfect weight for any exercise by simply removing or adding weight plates to the bars. These
Trojan Power Trainer Resistance Band
Dual braided bands for added resistance Ideal for toning firming
14% OFF
Air Fitness Bike With Bluetooth
Angry Fit Air Bike with Bluetooth The Angry Fit air bike uses wind resistance via a large fan, the harder you work, the more resistance you feel. It's very linear and simple to use! You
R14 299.00
Trojan Extreme Door Gym
Trojan Extreme Door Gym
16% OFF
Adjustable Home Gym Dumbbell Kit
The start of the New Year sees budding gym bunnies everywhere commit to new fitness goals but after only a few weeks, our resolutions find a way of slipping under us -
R2 495.00
17% OFF
Reebok Step The Original Teal
Reebok Step - The Original - Teal
R1 900.00
Verimark Total Fit Flex 5-IN-1 Fitness Rower
A versatile workout that combines 5 exercises into one machine.
19% OFF
F20 Competence Upright Exercise Bike
TUNTURI F20 COMPETENCE UPRIGHT EXERCISE BIKE Are you looking for a convenient way to up your fitness game? The F20 Competence Series Exercise Bike offers all the benefits of high-quality training with the
R17 850.00
S40 Indoor Cycling Spin Bike
TUNTURI S40 INDOOR CYCLING SPIN BIKE Cycle@home with the S40 Sprinter Bike from the Tunturi Competence collection. With this robust bike with its sturdy frame, large and heavy flywheel, you bring the race
D55 Treadmill
Prime Fitness Treadmill, the perfect solution for those looking for a superior treadmill that delivers a fast, easy and efficient home workout. This foldable treadmill has the power, incline and durability to
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