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Ikonix was founded in 2008 and was previously known as, starting as a small online e-commerce store with a wide range of consumer and business products. From an array of over 30 suppliers, Ikonix hosts the most competitive prices in the South Africa.



Postal Address

97 Durham Avenue,Salt River,Cape Town,7925,Western Province


0861 577 771

EFT Mastercard VISA

Ikonix was founded in 2008 and was previously known as, starting as a small online e-commerce store with a wide range of consumer and business products. From an array of over 30 suppliers, Ikonix hosts the most competitive prices in the South Africa.



Postal Address

97 Durham Avenue,Salt River,Cape Town,7925,Western Province


0861 577 771

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False advertising

I ordered a printer on their website that was priced R1629, even received an invoice for that same amount and the full description of the printer. I paid immediately, but the following day I was advised the price was wrong. After telling them I insist on it as it is my consumer right they insisted that they would not supply me with the printer at that price. Not my problem their website was wrong. Will never be buying from them again! Worst case of false advertising I've ever seen.

By Laneque La Grange Loader

IKonix: Hi, To be fair - we did notify you that the price on the website was incorrect and gave you the correct price via e-mail before you made payment. Although we do try to keep our prices always up to date and valid, price corrections and changes can and do happen in the world of online commerce. Thank You
Thanks iKonic IT

This is a great store and deserves more praise.

By Frediz Lekosna

IKonix: Thank you for the kind words!
Should have read comments on PriceCheck

I regret not to have checked reviews about this store. I ordered and paid for 12 items in my first order (21/01) and collected only 11 (OCZ SSD came too late for our collection). Added another order (Sapphire graphics card) and paid on 28/01 and bought others on 30/01, expecting everything could be collected on 01/02. Yesterday received several e-mails from Giovanni accusing me not to have placed the order via e-mail for the Graphics card (although I confirmed with him over the phone and he e-mailed me the invoice and I paid) resulted delays. I think from 28/01 to 01/02 4 days should be sufficient to get the stock. Requested him to call me if they have problems. Only received his e-mail telling me the graphic cards didn't arrive, all my other orders still remain in their store. Quote from his e-mail."Unfortunately this does sometimes happen as ordering with an online store can sometimes have mishaps with suppliers and deliveries. My best wishes to other lucky customers of Ikonic IT.

By Alex Liu

IKonix: Sorry you feel we do not communicate properly. We will focus on improving that aspect.
Amazing Service!!

Thier ordering process is easy and efficient, the staff is friendly I called to confirm that they had recieved my payment as I was not sure if it went through and was helped by a young man named Giovanni who checked with the accountant and got back to me within 5 minutes. Delievery was fast and the product is working perfectly! Keep up the good work guys

By Lynn Sparkes

IKonix: Thank you!
Awesome Online Store

Awesome service and pricing! Thank you iKonic IT. You are my IT Store of Choice!

By Jannie Van Zyl

IKonix: People like you keep us going.
Good prices, poor logistics

Ordered Saturday, stock confirmed on Monday. payment confirmed next day, they receive stock the next day (hopefully), they can only send it the day after that. From there on the courier apparently takes 2 to 3 days if all goes well.

By Alfred

Great pricing and overall store let down by shockingly poor service delivery.

iKonic's great prices have made me a sucker for their punishment however the amount of time they take to process an order is actually unacceptable, similar stores manage just fine and have surprised me with next day delivery so why can't they do the same?

By Xiphan

Worst ever stay away

I called and was advised the supplier had stock, placed an order online, received a further confirmation that the supplier had stock. Received the item which was opened and defective. I don't mind the unit being opened but mind that it was defective. I indicated on the order that I will collect, the item was despatched for delivery nonetheless, perhaps my fault. On receiving the TomTom GPS it refused to turn on, I immediately emailed the company.

By Gavin

Poor customer care

Very slick system up to point where you need to deal with someone. Then the experience becomes very poor.

By Alex77

Difficulty with returning products

Do not understand consumer rights. Refused to refund for defective goods in terms of rights under the Consumer Protection Act - this after no help or communication when returning product. Buyer beware - shop elsewhere!

By gryphix

IKonix: Hi, The customer was offered a 750GB drive as a replacement for his month old 650GB faulty drive, client refused. We had to forward the R50 restocking fee in accordance with suppliers request as we were not given the option of a credit from the supplier. Customer agreed to a replacement drive if we could not get a credit from the supplier. Sales team
Amazing - Definitely Underrated

Ordered an Inno3D GTX 460 Graphics card from these guys. They processed my order, and immediately informed me that there was no stock. I inquired if I could wait until they do have, and they said no problem. 2 working days later, stock was confirmed and then I made payment (I made a mistake to which they helped me sort out), and then I was invoiced. Once they shipped it off, they let me know and the next morning I received my card. No hassles. I'm definitely o buying from them again in future. Well done iKonic. Keep it up. I'd recommend you guys to anyone. I salute you. Very chuffed customer here.

By eeko87

Incorrect product received

Ordered a Tom Tom GO 650 live, got a Tom Tom GO 650. Would only offer me a 50% trade -in on the correct item as they blamed the supplier for the fault.

By Rob van Aarle

What an under-rated store!

Having just bought a P2770H 27" LCD from them, the service was impeccable. I was contacted via email throughout my ordering process the entire endeavour was flawless to say the least. I will now be buying all my hardware from them.. Also AWESOME looking website!

By Gstar

Waiting and confused...

Placed an order and received an email saying my order was placed successfully and I needed to wait for stock confirmation. 2 weeks later I sent an email asking what was happening... no reply. A week after that I received an email which simply stated "Order Failed - Contact Sales" ...I'm still waiting for a reply from contacting sales. So basically I wasted 3 weeks when I could have just ordered somewhere else, but because they were the cheapest I thought I would give them a chance. Won't happen again. You missed out on my initial order and all future orders...

By Jono

Ikonic IT

Good service with goods generally ready for collection by the next business day.I couldn't edit my online order after making a mistake, but a phone call to the sales department quickly rectified the problem.Overall a good shopping experience.

By dark_mane