Cisco AP541N-E-K9 Dual Band Single Radio Clustering Access Point


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Cisco Dual Band Single Radio Clustering Access Point, E(ETSI)

Cisco AP 541N Wireless Access Point

The Cisco AP 541N is a 802.11n dual-band clustering access point built for small businesses. The clustering capability makes it easy to set up, configure, and manage a growing wireless network. You can deploy multiple access points and push a single configuration to all the devices within the cluster, managing your wireless network as a single system without worrying about interference between access points, and without having to configure each access point as a separate device.

The Cisco AP 541N is a versatile, high-performance wireless solution that supports virtually any wireless application your business requires, including mobile data, voice over wireless LAN, wireless video monitoring, and highly secure guest access. It can be used as a standalone access point in small wireless environments or deployed as part of a larger data and communications network, such as the Cisco Smart Business Communication System (SBCS). Designed to integrate with other solutions in the Cisco Small Business Pro Series, it makes even advanced wireless and communications applications easy to install, configure, and support.

With the Cisco AP 541N, you can:

• Easily set up, configure, and manage multiple wireless access points, without the need to invest in a wireless controller
• Support 802.11n wireless connectivity, for applications that demand high bandwidth
• Select either a 2.4-GHz or 5-GHz frequency band, for greater data transmission and coverage
• Gain peace of mind with a wireless network that provides robust security
• Invest in a scalable solution that is designed to integrate with other Cisco Small Business Pro Series products and grow with your business

Deployment Scenarios for the Cisco AP 541N Wireless Access Point
The following use cases highlight scenarios for which the Cisco AP 541N is well suited.

• Small office data access: In a small business location with a small staff, a single wireless access point can provide all the coverage required. By deploying the Cisco AP 541N, you gain business-class security features and support services that go far beyond what consumer-grade wireless devices can provide, to better protect your employees, your guests, and your business. With dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity, the solution provides the performance and range to let employees access business applications and transfer large files easily and reliably. The built-in clustering capabilities also mean that you can add more access points easily as your business grows.

• Wireless voice communications:
As a Cisco Small Business Pro Series wireless solution, the Cisco AP 541N is designed to fully integrate with other Cisco Small Business Pro Series network and voice over IP solutions, and with the Cisco SBCS IP telephony system. Using the access point's clustering capabilities and integrated roaming features, you can quickly deploy multiple access points and help ensure reliable voice connectivity anywhere in your business, even as employees move from one access point to another. Using the dual-band option, you can also connect all employee laptops and IP phones over the 5-GHz radio band and eliminate interference from other common 2.4-GHz wireless devices.

These use cases are enabled by highly secure, powerful Cisco Small Business Pro Series wireless capabilities. The solution can be set up and configured in minutes.

Features and Benefits
The Cisco AP 541N provides:

• Robust wireless coverage and performance: The Cisco AP 541N is an 802.11n multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) dual-band wireless solution. The 802.11n wireless standard builds on previous-generation (802.11a/b/g) wireless technologies to deliver greater


Manufacturer Cisco
Model Number AP541N-E-K9


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