Wordlock 5 Dial Padlock


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Remember the old days? Right three times past zeroleft two turns to Forget it! Wordlock is the new style of friendly, easy-to-use padlocks for recreation, storage, travel and commercial uses. Perfect for school lockers or the gym, toolboxes, sheds, job sites and anywhere else you need a solid, secure indoor/outdoor padlock.

Wordlock padlocks provide maximum security against theft with a 2 5/8 inch hardened steel shackle and body. With 100,000 different letter combinations, you can pick words that are easy for you to remember but next to impossible for anyone to guess. If you have several Wordlock padlocks of the same style, you can set them all to the same word in a matter of seconds. And since all our locks are weatherproof, they can stand up to the toughest environments. Thats extra strong, extra secure, and extra simplified.


100,000 possible letter combinations
Maximum security 2 5/8 inch hardened steel shackle
Rated to 3,000 pounds of pull strength
No removable parts or extra wheels to keep up with

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Manufacturer Wordlock
Model Number PL-001-PK


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