Samsung P1000 Galaxy 7" Tablet

Unlimited Variety Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung's first 7-inch, all-in-one portable Android device. With Samsung movies and iPlayer, voice and video calling, plus music, camera, apps and a super fast processor, it's everything ...


Unlimited Variety

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung's first 7-inch, all-in-one portable Android device. With Samsung movies and iPlayer, voice and video calling, plus music, camera, apps and a super fast processor, it's everything for everywhere. As compact and flexible as a smartphone but with a huge 7-inch (17.8 cm) display, the Galaxy Tab offers rich PC-like functions and yet weighs only 380 grams. The combination of telephone and video calling functions, mobile Internet, Entertainment Center, and easy-to-use navigation are available whenever you need them. With the Android 2.2 operating system you can access thousands of apps in the Android Market, and easily exchange data between devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Adobe Flash 10.1 support provides full enjoyment when viewing Flash-based websites. ThinkFree is preinstalled for on the move access to locally stored online or Office documents. The Samsung Galaxy Tab: unlimited diversity, always and everywhere.

Wi-Fi and HSDPA for Constant Connectivity

WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) functionality lets you connect to the Internet without a clutter of cables. Connect via your home network, a public hotspot in a cafe or airport, or your corporate network, for quick access to the Internet and fast downloads.

HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) provides fast Internet access via your mobile network. Access web pages and download music, video or images from the Internet within seconds on your mobile phone, and download e- mails with large attachments without delay. With the Galaxy Tab's pre-installed e-mail client you can stay in touch with work and friends, whether at home or away on holidays, to receive, read, edit, and send e-mails.
Touchscreen with VibeTonz Effects

Touch-sensitive displays have their bright sides: the design stands out as minimal and elegant, and isn't hampered by the inclusion of physical buttons. With VibeTonz, the operation of a touchscreen is even more intuitive and easy because the phone responds with a slight vibration to indicate when it has recognised a touch command.

16 Million Colour Display

The Samsung Galaxy Tab features a dazzling display that boasts more than 16 million colours for videos and photos that appear almost lifelike.
Bluetooth Stereo Audio Streaming (A2DP, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

Connect your Galaxy Tab to audio devices with Bluetooth Stereo Audio Streaming. Music can be streamed from the phone to a paired Bluetooth stereo headset, Bluetooth music speaker, or car audio system. Thanks to Bluetooth stereo audio streaming the Galaxy Tab enables full enjoyment of your favourite music on the go or in the comfort of your home.

Memory Card Slot

With an extra memory slot the Galaxy Tab has almost unlimited space for your favourite music, photos or videos, giving you a flexible and practical solution for exchanging data between compatible devices and sharing valauble documents and content with your friends and family.
Two Cameras for All Occasions

The Galaxy Tab is equipped with front-facing and rear-facing digital cameras. The front camera features a 1.3 megapixel resolution sensor and is optimised for fast video calling while the rear camera boasts a 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) sensor, photo light and the ability to geo-tag your photos for the richest experience. The camera and photography software also boast photo effects, a viewfinder, panorama setting, contrast adjustment, and Smile Shot to guarantee the perfect photo. And what if you want to record a video instead? No problem: The built-in video recorder (with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels) makes this possible. Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab is Samsung's move onto the tablet warfield and luckily we are right here in the battle fray to give you first-hand scoop from the announcement event. Some might argue that it
Bluetooth Yes
Display Size 7"
Manufacturer Samsung
Model Number GALAXY-TABP1
Operating System Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Weight 0.38 Kg
Wireless LAN Yes
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Awesome tablet/phone!
01 Jun 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is better than the iPad and contains a number of features that the iPad doesn't have including microSD support and a calling function which makes spending all that money worthwhile.

By Pieter Naude

Best tablet and phone combination. (most tablets aren't phones) Easy to load and remove data/connect. Easy to use functions with logical layout of screens. Clear and bright picture, good sound. Forward facing camera as well for Skype. Large on screen keyboard Bluetooth connectivity Lots of accessories available such as-blue tooth keyboard, blue tooth headset etc. Android 2.2 - means lots of apps available to download for this phone.

At times there is a lag on the touch screen, only when on the internet and have multiple applications running. Pricey compared to iPad Touch Screen a fingerprint magnet - shows fingerprints on screen; difficult to keep screen clean

Samsung P1000 Galaxy 7" Tablet
08 Jun 2011

I haven't had the ability to touch it but it looks great and it will be good for me.

By Sabelo Siphiwe Mvubu

The Best Tablet
15 Jun 2011

By Tanzil Ahmed

Good Touch Screen

Some times becomes slow due to multiple application usage.