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What is Life Insurance?

Providing your family with financial security is important in life, and in death. Life insurance offers you the comfort of knowing that your family will be looked after. It will help them afford the costs of daily life that they may incur if you’re not around.

You may think that you are already prepared for any eventuality, but we would urge you to make sure you’re covered for the things that matter most.

Ways that life insurance takes care of the ones you care about:

  • Peace of mind, knowing that your family are financially secure.
  • Securing your children's education and ensuring your family's health is taken care of from a lump sum pay out.
  • Securing your assets (car and home) and taking care of family debts.

How Life Insurance Works?

Life insurance policies are tailored to your risk profile. This may include:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Occupation and
  • Health.

Your risk profile determines the costs of your monthly premiums, these vary depending on numerous factors, as mentioned above.

Your life insurance policy will be paid out in a lump sum in the event of the death of the policy holder (the breadwinner). The amount paid out will be outlined in your policy.

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